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CIO Vendor Mahindra & Mahindra, one of the largest vehicle manufacturers in India, was looking for a mobile app solution which could act as a user interface for the owners of Mahindra New Generation Scorpio to manage the infotainment system. The solution would enhance the comfort of users behind the wheel, help them get entertained and access information by staying connected with the vehicle via Bluetooth. It was also expected to be compatible with both Android and Windows platform. The search for a mobile app development firm with expertise in developing mobile apps for Bluetooth via SPP protocol ended at Chennai based Contus. The company gave a complete makeover to the human mission interface and made it better. It has recently come up with a special app named ‘MAHINDRA SCORPIO BLUE SENSE.’

“Blue Sense is an informative and interactive mobile app which enhances communication with vehicle via information and controls irrespective of the mobile application platform. We made sure the response time and Apps design is same on all the screens of various mobile devices,” says Dinesh Kumar Soundararajan, Director-Mobility Solutions, Contus. Built on Android and Windows Phone platforms, the app lets users control the audio and air conditioning system of the vehicle. Users can also receive alerts on key aspects that need regular monitoring like low wheel pressure, unlocked doors etc.

The success stories of Contus are not confined to the automobile sector; rather it is just one of the many scenarios wherein the company has proved its mettle to render innovative solutions for its clients.
Having satisfied a wide range of clients in over 40 countries ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies, Contus has established itself as one of the leading players in the segment of outsourced mobile, cloud and web development. A member of NASSCOM and CII, the company has a strong team of more than 180 skilled and experienced technology engineers and experts, which provides a great advantage to its clients on scale, cost and geography.

Blue Sense is an informative and interactive mobile app which enhances communication with vehicle irrespective of the mobile application platform

Contus was founded by a group of friends in 2008 and today it has a headcount of over 180. Launched as a web application development company, Contus later emerged as a Mobile application development company with the release of Android and now it develops applications for all the three major mobile application platforms. Continuing on the path of providing cutting edge mobility solutions, Contus has now designed a utile application for the betterment of human safety.
Contus’ latest app, Lifesaver, is driven by a global view of inducing a responsible driving habit by prohibiting the use of mobile phones while on the move. The Lifesaver app locks the driver’s smartphone when the car is in motion and unlocks it immediately when stopped.

With such acute expertise and acumen, Contus aims at becoming the most sought after mobile application development firm in India for B2C and enterprise apps.