i-XL Technologies - Partnering for Strategic End-to-end Mobile App Development

CIO Vendor Enterprise mobility market has rapidly evolved in India. It has enabled employees to keep up their productivity even when they are on the go. Companies are now looking at enterprise mobility for functions like ERP, CRM, SCM, sales force automation, unified communication and billing; a move over traditional email and social networking. The increasing penetration of mobile in every segment has created a huge market for mobile applications. However, mobile application developers are facing challenges in making the applications user-friendly to strictly meet the requirements of customer. i-XL Technologies, headquartered in Mumbai, helps enterprises in developing applications with creative user interfaces and appropriate usability engineering.

“We ideate concepts; provide suggestions and guidance in terms of New Mobile App Development in case the client is not clear on the requirement (which usually happens). We provide them with end-to-end solutions with necessary support as and when required,” says Chirag Jain, Director, i-XL Technologies. The company highlights all the limitations known before the development starts in terms of technology, screen sizes, OS updates, hardware, and time taken to go live on the App Stores and App Store Account creation process. The company also suggests alternate solutions which can work on all platforms. It prepares a flow chart and the wireframes of the entire App that has to be developed, which helps it to create relationships with its clients by making the benefits of the app visible.
After being clear on the flow, wireframes and technical limitations, the creative team is provided with design options which are devised to improve user experience.

i-XL Technologies provides an online bug tracking and project management tool to its clients to give them more confidence during the time of development

When App development is underway, i-XL Technologies provides an online bug tracking and project management tool to its clients to give them more confidence during the time of development. Their active involvement in the project helps the company to work together and know more about them which in turn helps in creating a good product. i-XL makes sure that the app goes through rigorous testing on actual Mobile Devices unlike testing on emulators and other online testing tools. After the app is developed and is live on the stores, the organization supports them with any feedbacks, bug fixes and maintenance as and when required to preserve the health of the App.

When it comes to costing and timelines of developing a native custom mobile app, what matters most is the dynamics of the App. “If the client feels that cost is too high, we provide an option to go a hybrid App development way which drastically reduces the cost and timeline. Alternatively, we suggest them to cut down on the features and introduce the app phase wise.” adds Jain. Driven by the urge to enrich overall customer experience, i-XL wishes to excel in providing niche services to the end user.