Clavis Technologies: Software and Automation to Streamline your Content Flow

CIO Vendor with the change in reading behavior, comes intolerance for content that isn't mobile ready. Re-engineering websites around responsive web design and dynamic content has become the rule, not the exception for publishers. Hailing from Noida, Clavis Technologies Private Limited practices its skillset in mobile app development, digital publishing and software outsourcing. Solving business challenges via automation and workflow solutions, Clavis’ vast experience in the publishing industry has helped the company to address pain points for newspapers, magazines, books, corporate and educational institutions.

The thriving growth of smartphones has consequently made mobile apps development an integral part of businesses today. As explained by Akal Singh Sujlana, Director - Sales and Marketing, Clavis Technologies; of the 1 billion mobile subscribers, an estimated 25 percent of Indians have access to mobile data today. Thus, businesses see huge growth potential that has a trickling effect on app development. With its expertise on iOS and Android platforms, Clavis has been catering to mobile applications for the internal workflow process and channel network of various startups and established organizations. Having its roots in the publishing software space, the company extends its app development service to diverse industries such as health, transportation, m-commerce, social media, finance, food, manufacturing and education.

Starting from User Experience
Businesses often look forward to software development outsourcing partner that work in close alignment to their business goals, flexibility demands and quality requirements. In order to cater
to the requirements, Clavis begins with the user experience and works backward to build the apps and technology required. This little bit of extra involvement of the business analyst goes a long way to achieve customer loyalty. While maintaining the user experience and clean functionality, Clavis has undertaken numerous e-commerce and m-commerce assignments with entrenched brick and mortar businesses that have a loyal customer base. Over the years, Clavis has gained a strong foothold in developing apps that ensure user engagement at multiple levels.“Being a lean company gives us the edge of quick adaptation and adoption of new technologies”,asserts Akal. The company has built a separate research team called ClavisLab. The ClavisLab team looks into new cutting edge technology for research on the upcoming wave.

The ClavisLab team looks into new cutting edge technology for research on the upcoming wave

Clavis had won a project to build a digital assembly system for Mauritius National Assembly. With its proven capabilities, the organization delivered a solution that created multiple levels of efficiencies which was showcased as the best practice success by the Mauritius National Assembly to other nations.

Clavis has handled over 900 projects in the last 5 years. Committed to product innovation and internal training on new technologies, Clavis ventures to deliver solutions in Big data, Internet of Things (IoT), AI and data security to help clients grow with the changing technology. Having set its goal to become a USD 100 million company by 2022, Clavis Technologies continues to focus on mobile and tablet apps development.