Code Brew: Engineering Disrupting Creativities in Mobile Applications

CIO Vendor Mobile application development has emerged as one of the largest and fastest revenue generators for many SMEs and start-ups. With progressive escalation in this domain, there has been growing concerns regarding IP confidentiality, UI design and growth hacking for the post-launch phase. Headquartered in Chandigarh, Code Brew Labs covers all aspects of signifying and executing an all-inclusive mobile strategy.

As the mobile app development market is soaring with immense competition, there are a few more practices that simply fall short when it comes to idea development,i.e.,idea protection, development outsourcing, mediocre design synthesis, and poor post launch support. Unlike its peers in the market, Code Brew handles the inception, the development, the design as well as the post launch phase in a perfectly transparent manner. Safety and security measures level up with Code Brew’s strong NDA (non-disclosure agreement), vetted by IP experts in addition to non-compete agreements signed by all employees working on the project. Strategically aligned with idea protection by adopting physical and virtual reinforced measures, the company ensures that the development is not outsourced. More so, while focusing on providing seamless UI experience, Code Brew’s dedicated design wing pays specific attention to revenue-generating designs.

Post Launch Support
Code Brew extends its analytics squads called Retailytics that utilizes the best in database crunching tech in order to deliver customized strategies, support and innovation to mobile apps for enterprises and start-ups. The Post-Launch phase of the application is dedicated to the database crunching. Along with the testing phase pre launch in order to get the best rendition of the app at the end of the development cycle,
complete with the features that resonate most with users based on data. Code Brew’s Datalytics uses hard data driven market strategies to garner ROI. “While many organizations outsource these aspects that focus on hype-generation and lofty long term market strategies, we focus on short term growth and capital”, explains Aseem Ghavri, CEO, Code Brew.

Code Brew Labs covers all aspects of signifying and executing an all-inclusive mobile strategy

The organization believes that the use of workforce management tools and software, along with the implementation of the best workforce practices is imperative. Thus, Code Brew deploys a Rapid Agile framework supplemented by lean software in order to enhance transparency and speed of their developmental cycle. The framework allows integration of BI and analytics, thus, enables multiple renditions of the app based on data generation. Moreover, the company undertakes informative and educational workshops to meet the intense talent crunch.

The Code-Brew team has been very agile since its inception. The team’s agility and adaptability makes them flexible to the roles assigned to them, thereby preparing them for diverse situations.

Observing the increasing viability for technologies such as Business Analytics, IoT based infrastructure, cloud computing, AR and VR, Code Brew envisages its contracts to increase tenfold. The company has acquired a client database of 100+ globally and has deployed 200+ developers at work. With 300+ live apps that has been rated 4.9/5.0 on Clutch and Good Firms, Code-Brew aims to be the IT hub comprising app development, web development and IT consultancy.