Crescentek: Feature Rich and Stellar Mobile App and Web Designs for Every Industry

CIO Vendor A couple of years back, web design trends lasted a long time, but now a days they barely have time to fully unfold. What has stayed the same though, is the need for user friendliness and high informational content, and especially now that more and more people are online. Assisting organizations to keep up with these changing trends, Kolkata headquartered Crescentek designs Native applications keeping in mind the dynamic technologies which demand all the processes to be automated. 5 years into offering Enterprise level tailor made applications, the company is known for providing web design & development, mobile app development, and SEO services worldwide.

Team Crescentek has worked on augmented reality, IoT (Internet of Things), Real time interaction and AI using cloud platforms like AWS and GCP. This team consists of a number of designers and developers who are adequately experienced and have been in the business for about 5 years. This way the company has kept itself updated in cloud based mobile app space.

Responsiveness - The Key to Unlock a Great Mobile Web Experience
Tablets and smartphones have become our default choice for connecting to the internet. This shift away from desktop to mobile requires web designers to refocus. Not necessarily away from desktop
design, but certainly towards mobile design. Those with Flash sites were compelled to re do their sites since Apple did not support Flash(on the iPhone and iPad). With rampant use of mobile devices, the craze has currently turned towards responsive designs. In fact, Crescentek has been lately engaged in creating responsive websites where the content scales down to meet the screen while the layout also changes to suit mobile devices. However, when creating contemporary website designs, this web designing company also takes into consideration factors like - typography, flat design, hovering effects, massive product image, in-depth product videos, and large and responsive images. “To meet the demand of advanced responsiveness, Crescentek makes ‘Pixel Perfect’ designs so as to cater to all the resolutions available in the market”, says Rajesh Bajaj, Managing Director, Crescentek.

Team Crescentek has worked on augmented reality, IoT (Internet of Things), Real time interaction and AI using cloud platforms like AWS and GCP

In the recent past, one of Crescentek’s esteemed clients approached Team Crescentek with some fund and a splendid concept of ‘Online Puja’. After much brainstorming, team Crescentek accepted this daunting challenge to give a kick start to what, according to Rajesh, could be called a risky proposition. Softwares and mobile apps creatively developed by the experienced software designers and developers from Crescentek were implemented to fully automate the Online Puja store. This increased the efficiency of the workforce thereby dramatically increasing the customer base to 10 times of what the initial phase looked like. After complete automation of the back-office process, the workforce to customer catering ratio became 1:10.

With rigorous R & D is currently underway to increase the ratio to 1:20, Crescentek continues on its goal to breathe life into their clients’ websites through efficient work techniques and a skilled team.