Iziss Technology: Building Mobile Apps in the End- Users' Perspective

CIO Vendor As the mobile app industry continues to expand, new markets and technologies will be brought to the forefront by the great minds who continue learning and adapting to market demands. Indore headquartered Iziss Technology is a business consulting, technology research and software development company excelling successfully in offering high-end and dynamic online and offline web solutions.These solutions include web development, digital marketing, mobile apps development and CMS, e-Commerce solutions for corporations of all sizes and niches across the globe.

As a service provider, Iziss believes in effective and definitive communication as something that must be adhered to and inculcated as part of an organization's culture. Accordingly, Iziss tries to solve the problems and not just create code. “We understand the problems client face and then provide an optimized and operative solution”, adds Saurabh Sawla, CEO, Iziss Technology. While creating an app, Iziss focuses on viewing it from the end user's perspective -the path most likely to be traversed, understanding what the app is intended for, simple and complex aspects of the app, and the look-good factor, all of these are brought into consideration while building apps.“In order to secure an application, we deploy token based system, encryption techniques, role defined access and security certificates”, assures Kritika Sawala, Director, Iziss Technology.

The Route to Customers’ Satisfaction
Leveraging years of experience and in-depth understanding of the challenges enterprises face, this service provider has crafted high performance mobile applications to boost business evolution in the digital marketplace. Iziss has created the scalable, interactive and powerful mobile applications for 100+ start-ups to large enterprises across the globe. The company’s process depends totally on incessant testing methods throughout the project lifecycle so that the software bugs are identified and fixed at the early stages of the project. Parallel to this, the client feedback is taken constantly to improve the next version.

Iziss has created the scalable, interactive and powerful mobile applications for 100+ start-ups

There are hundreds of effective rapid application development tools available in the market; however these are largely very rigid in terms of design elements and in what they can offer. Ensuring the required flexibility, Iziss focuses and practices only on Native Application development. Dynamic and fast evolving nature of systems driven research imposes special requirements on the technology, approach, design and architecture of computational infrastructure including database and Web application. Well acquainted with this trend, the Iziss’ management has always encouraged members of the team to explore and make use of new technologies, trending tools and cultivate the culture of seeking for new. In recent past, Iziss also helped one of its overseas clients to level up their app via an Indiegogo campaign.

By harnessing the potential of the Android and iOS app development platforms, Iziss’ developers make use of a myriad of development tools, techniques and technologies to discover unraveled product development probabilities. With numerous versions of Android and iOS OS and diversified selection of screen resolutions to cater to, Iziss Technology takes prides to develop applications for varied mobile platforms. Iziss is driven by a motto to delight customers and keep them close for long term.