Mobify Technology: The Mobile Strategy Pitstop

CIO Vendor There cannot be enough emphasis on how much a business needs to make sure that mobile is at the centre of its digital strategy. Organizations that invest in their user’s mobile experience, strengthen their claim to the benefits associated with leads and business ROI. Serving those benefits to your table, Pune headquartered Mobify Technology Solutions has a skilled pool of technical professionals working in the latest mobile and web technologies, including development of automated bots.

Mobify’s Technology Head Amit Kulkarni explains how during the time when the company was implementing apps for Android, there was a challenge for Windows user. The minimal number of users, similar to iOS population was the reason Mobify team built hybrid mobile based sites for the same application. This was done with the objective to eradicate the need to develop mobile application for specific OS like windows or iOS. “We saved development time and cost for our clients”, adds Amit.

Established in 2015, Mobify has grown from a three member team to a ten member organization. The company has been working with media moguls like the Times Group and Sony Music, who have been Mobify’s clients since inception. Sony Music association started with Jive, a music application which was embedded in five million Sony mobile devices. Three years post,Jive had an active user base of 1.5 million. Their mobile store was built to allow any consumer to download content by paying it via telecom payment gateways. Mobify team worked to integrate with Airtel, Vodafone, Idea and Aircel. Dialog from Sri Lanka was integrated likewise.

In a similarly large venture, Mobify worked closely with the retail giant More, a part of Aditya Birla Group. The company developed MIS
and implemented analytics for 500+ retail stores across India, handling three lac unique SKU and more than a lac transactions daily.

Client work with us due to four major factors as Amit informs cost effectiveness,on time delivery, responsive teams,and trust, due to delivery of large projects like Jive & More.

Mobify Technology Solutions has a skilled pool of technical professionals working in the latest mobile and web technologies

Our first consumer facing app,‘TM - Task Manager’,a simple mobile application + progressive web app for managing task of an organization, added with attendance & payroll. This has been implemented in a large chartered account firm called ‘E A Patil & Associates’, and currently serving more than 100 active users.
Moreover, Mobify has built an interesting product called MobiTrak that can track human travel routes. This uses Google Maps (GIS) that tracks the movement of a business’ on field team or even loved ones in case of personal use. This product finds its use in FMCG businesses to track the sales teams and measure their on-field work / sites visited etc. Also, parents can utilize it to track the child’s movement (of course with consent).With Google having approved Mobify’s apps,the company is now planning to go live on Playstore.

Mobify looks forward to see itself in product development, doing direct to consumer business, rather than B2B sales. Mobify Technology Solutions intends to ideally reverse the earnings ratio and have 90 percent of the revenues sourced from consumers directly.