Upside9: The Studio for All Your Mobile Application Needs

CIO Vendor The mobile developer population has boomed,and the number of mobile apps in the market is mounted on the peak. Headquartered in Singapore, Upside9 was launched with a mission to help companies, startups and solopreneur realize this potential of rapidly evolving mobile technologies and help them build and scale their products. The company started working on building intranet application for enterprises while assisting them to move to cloud. Upside9 builds cloud enabled applications with user experience at core of application design. With new techs like AI, the organization has been working on automation of business processes by building AI enabled bots, and chat commerce.

The rapid adoption of cloud based apps has brought about one of the latest mobile app development trends that have piqued mobile developer interest, i.e. the Internet of Things. Upside9’s interests lies in connecting multiple objects and quickly capturing the operational data to get new insights thus helping to understand the disparate object and create better solutions for the customers. The company creates products that can collect and share data via the Internet between various devices seamlessly. To accomplish this, the Upside9 team deploys the latest technologies, including iBeacon, NFC, WiFi, WiFi Direct and Bluetooth to build products for IoT. With diverse experience across sectors, the team understands the ground level details allowing Upside9 to understand the client’s business and add value through technology.

In recent turn of events, Upside9 landed an opportunity to work with one of the biggest real estate company that encouraged Upside9
developers with their enthusiasm to implement AI for the customers. The technology challenge put forth was to scale the product for a huge audience at any given moment, with approximately 150k visitors on weekdays, and 200k during weekends. The team implemented cloud to manage huge traffic and make the application faster (deploy images using Amazon s3 etc.).

Upside9’s interests lies in connecting multiple objects and quickly capturing the operational data to get new insights

Applications for All Platforms
Upside9 has developed native iOS, Android apps and responsive web with secure cloud hosted backends. Experienced in Swift, C and Objective C, the company code apps that work on plethora of Android device with ease. Android apps market is very heterogeneous due to multiple variations and Upside9 has created android apps from gingerbread to marshmallow and more. If a website or a web app is not responsive the business is prone to fall down the gain margin. 80 percent of people access internet via mobile and with this mobile app development company’s experienced web team, businesses are more likely to get ahead of the game.

“In next 5 years decentralized distributed networks will change the way how business is done with the advent of peer to peer networks and block-chain”, suggests Anshul Khandelwal, Founder, Upside9. Therefore, the company is testing use cases that will help business move ahead using these technologies.