AppZoy Technologies: Delivering End-to-end Application Deployment Services

CIO Vendor The proliferation of smartphones has transformed the way businesses reach out to their target customers. Now, businesses are investing more in mobile applications than on the websites as they have become the new face of companies, strengthening their brand recognition. It is a critical tool for marketers and is capable of boosting visibility, delivering end user’s expectations, streamlining customers’ buying behavior, and increasing the feasibility of retaining customer loyalty. Hence, the demand for mobile application by various business segments has increased the number of competing vendors in the mobile application development sector. However, the right mobile app partner is the one who understands the company’s business context in addition to having the technical competency, efficiency, transparency, and reliability in development processes.

AppZoyTechnologies is a niche mobile app solution provider delivering end-to-end services right from app incubation to UXdesign and all the way till the product release. The company deploys a cost-effective and speedy mechanism for the application development process. Commenting on the positioning of the company, Rahul Sadafule, Co-Founder, and CEO, says, “We are part of our customers’ digital transformation journey, from ideation, development till publishing. We have enough product management experience that helps us with ideation, brainstorming, and conceptualization of the mobile application.” The company helps its clients arrive at the right application with timely insights, regular consultation and consumer feedback before the final deployment of the application in the market.

“We have enough product management experience that helps us with ideation, brainstorming, and conceptualization of the mobile application”
The company has developed 100 applications for its clients till final publishing while ensuring cost-effectiveness. It has a competent team with expertise in mobile application development across multiple verticals such as finance, healthcare, content delivery, multimedia, and enterprise. To deliver the best user experience for the end customers, the company has charted out a mechanism of mock application with representative data. The client tries this application with the target consumers and the feedback receivedis used to ascertain if the app idea is validated or it needs more fine-tuning.

Agile Scrum methodology is deployed for fast delivery of products. The company ensures that customers are in sync during the development phase, thereby preventing late surprises and ensuring smooth app roll-out. It works closely with clients to develop the products based on their review and feedback. Rahul emphasizes that the application is designed and examined for its high performance to ensure it works well on low-end smartphones. Apps are subjected to strong QA cycle which includes functionality validation. In addition, it ensures that the apps work as expected on a range of smartphones with different platform versions, screen sizes, and OEMs. The company continuously keeps an eye on the new innovations, developments, and evolutions in the market to upgrade itself regularly. Rahul believes, “Bots, Assistant evolution along with AI and ML can bring about new paradigms and scenarios in the near future. Another evolution is GDPR adherence, which is becoming very important for app security.”

AppZoy has both international and domestic clientele. The company is proud of many critical contributions made for its customers. For one of its clients, the company developed MVP of social dating app which has 50 million users globally. For another Singapore based mobile-first sales enablement company, AppZoy developed apps which are being used by Fortune 100 companies. An app developed for a vehicle IoT company for its fleet management is enabling smooth business operations for the client. In the upcoming ventures, AppZoy plans to release a Kid’s app, an HR solution, and a Healthcare application.