Creed Global: Enabling Businesses to Adapt their Operations to Mobile Technology

tablo noirAfter connecting every aspect of our personal lives, mobiles applications are now making their way into the business ecosystem, providing business leaders with realtime insights, increasing productivity, and connecting every part of the business. More and more organizations are now looking to utilize the power of the technology to manage their complex business processes and deliver enhanced experience. It is only a matter of time until being mobile- enabled becomes a pre-requisite for businesses.

Robust Enterprise Applications
Enabling organizations to adapt their operations to mobile technology and stay ahead of the curve with robust enterprise applications is Bangalore based Creed Global Technologies, a business automation company. With nearly 6 years of experience behind it, Creed enables clients around the globe to connect disparate systems and automate their workflows on the mobile devices. The company is powered by a skilled team of app developers, experts in developing mobile platforms for Android, iOS, and hybrid environments. Providing an insight into the company’s approach to designing customer-specific solutions, Rohit Kumar, Founder and CEO, Creed Global Technologies, shares, “We collect the requirements from customers, assess their processes and design a mobility solution that provides them with end-to-end control over their operations along with cloud connectivity. Once the client approves, we develop the solution.” Given the importance of enterprise applications, users are likely to spend more time using such solutions. As such, Creed pays special attention to the UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) of these applications and has, in fact, developed its very own frameworks which guide its approach.
 Surveys and study of the target audience and iterations of applications are integral parts of the process of application development at Creed. “This gives us realtime feedback, after which we make the required modifications,” adds Kumar.Creed also works closely with various dashboard tools and templates to ensure that the application is visually rich and intuitive. Security is yet another aspect that Creed pays ample attention to and ensures that the solution developed is bug-free and in complete compliance with the industry standards.

“We collect the requirements from customers, assess their processes and design a mobility solution that provides them with endto- end control over their operations along with cloud

Relentless Growth
From a one member company to a company with 40 professionals at its offshore development center in Bangalore and another 100 across the globe, the journey of Creed has been thrilling with several challenges which the company has managed to sail through and establish itself as an expert solution provider. Rohit Kumar attributes this success to the company’s management team as well as its workforce.

Moreover, enterprise applicationsare only one aspect of the company’s services. Creed has also established its dominance over consumer-facing applications, web applications and various areas of business and technology consulting. Catering to the requirements of large and SMB enterprises, the company’s clientele includes the Fortune 100 companies and over 300 customers across North America, Europe, APAC and pan India, automating the processes across the verticals of trade management, manufacturing, and service business. Creed plans to soon expand its team of professionals and strengthen its foothold globally. Currently, the company is working on a trade management solution.