iAssure International Technologies : Democratizing Mobility with Futuristic and Scalable Applications

CIO Vendor Standing as the second largest smartphone market in the world, India is witnessing an unparalleled growth in the number of smartphone users with an estimated growth of 15.6 percent and will reach ‘337 million’ mark of users by the end of 2018. This unprecedented growth along with reducing data costs has paved the path for businesses to directly communicate with its consumers via mobile apps, responsive websites, progressive web apps, social media and the likes. This paradigm shift from solely brick and mortar businesses to mobile app aided businesses has enabled companies to improve their customer service, be in continuous touch with its employees, customers and suppliers, achieve better mobility, and increase productivity. All these factors benefit mobile-first companies, which in turn encourage the same companies to invest more in expanding their mobile presence. However, an organization’s steps falter as they move towards mobile apps as they are unsure whether such a huge investment will pay off and be the game-changer one expects it to be. Cost plays a huge factor in the successful adoption of this trend. Headquartered in Pune, iAssure International Technologies Pvt. Ltd. comes to the aid by leveraging its cutting-edge advanced technologies in the mobile application development domain at an economical cost. “We are one of those handful innovative IT companies who are using advanced and modern technologies that help in reducing cost of development almost by 40 percent as compared to average market price,” reveals Ashish Naik, an IIT Delhi graduate and the Founder, MD and CEO of iAssure International Technologies.

Offering Better Return on Investment
This is achieved using the latest technology of React Native for native mobile app development, a technologythat progresses rapidly, thereby splitting the development cost for Android and iOS mobile apps by almost half. The single source code is capable of deploying on Android and iOS platforms, thereby significantly decreasing the timeto- market and increasing the overall launch-efficiency of any business. Moreover, it significantly reduces the support and the maintenance cost of Android andiOS apps. “The use of React Native in mobile application development is becoming very popular in the US and we are the early adopters of this amazing new technology in India,” informs Ashish Naik. Having dedicated over a decade at IBM, Ashish Naik possesses the industry-rich expertise in perfect tandem with his genius and helps iAssureIT follow the CMM level best practices in the development lifecycle of the company. The step-by-step well defined approach of agile methodology enables the company to ensure timely project delivery with a satisfied customer.

He further goes on to explain how traditionally in the IT Industry native mobile apps were developed using Android Java for Android apps and Objective-C or Swift for iOS mobile apps. The presence of two separate development teams leads to skyrocketing of the development and support cost of mobile apps. Steering away from this approach, the iAssureIT team focuses on cost affordability by adopting the advanced technologies, lean management and fullstack development practices with professionally skilled employees capable of developing frontend, backend and database components. Essentially, the team at iAssureIT encompasses equal expertise in frontend (UI/UX) development, backend programming languages (like MeteorJS/NodeJS) and database (MongoDB).

In conjunction with offering native mobile apps development services, the company also facilitates clients with the development of cross-platform apps across a broad range of devices such as desktop, mobile, tabs, watches and so on. Ashish Naik elucidates that such development is possible due to one of the rare crossplatform technology - MeteorJS, which is the backend technology in all of its mobile apps development services.

Ensuring Better Customer Engagement with Optimized UI/UX
Another factor that fuels the uncertainty of adopting mobile apps as a proven methodology for higher customer satisfaction and achieving set business goals is the poor customer engagement and user experience.
Leveraging its combined experience of more than 30 full stack developers, the team meticulously plans, designs and develops user-centric mobility solutions that ensure better customer engagement that creates a lasting impression on the users’ minds compelling them towards assuring brand loyalty. “An important feature that distinguishes iAssureIT is the thoughtful designs of user interface that not only brings a wow factor but also makes the user operations super simple,” adds Ashish Naik.

An end-to- end solutions provider, iAssureIT, offers valuable technical consultancy services to its massive customer base throughout the project lifecycle and post the projectgoing live as well. This offering is yet another added element that sets the company apart from its competitors in the market as it is a service provided free of cost to its customers. The team assists its clients with suggestions for better customer engagement, derives techniques to the brand reputation. “No matter what the complexity of the app or volume of the scope of scale of operation, iAssureIT has full capabilities to meet these expectations and that makes it a strong contender among EnterpriseMobility Solutions providers,” assures Ashish Naik.

Building a Strong Foundation
Meeting and exceeding customer expectations, the company’s specialization lies in successfully delivering Enterprise Level Mobility Solutions, Web Apps, Business Portals and eCommerce Solutions. The company has attained a unique position in this arena,having worked with businesses from a broad spectrum of industry verticals such as the Financial Service Sector, Energy and Utility, Healthcare Industry, Real Estate Industry, Manufacturing Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Transport Industry, Shipping and Freight Forwarding Industry and Start-Up Companies. Having catered to a plethora of renowned clientele, some of the capability indicators of iAssureIT are a cutting-edge Investment Banking Solution for USA based client, large scale healthcare solutions in India, one of the largest Enterprise grade HRMS solutions with more than 33 modules capable to process over one lakh employees’ payroll within few minutes, to name a few.

Taking huge strides in the IT Services and Product Development sector, the company aims to launch Energy Power that is essentially a global portal for power generation industry professionals and companies,Swiss Merchant Banking which is a large scale international portal for merchant banking, the world’s first Hyperledger based document management and business process system that promises impenetrable security comparable to those of crypto currencies, worldwide Jain religion community ehub app, national level app for Real Estate agents and most importantly, the company’s very own innovation of war-room based digital monitoring and tracking of municipal governance system. “This system would be developed in collaboration with ISRO and would consume the satellite based civilian geographical information,” says Ashish Naik.

Perfectly Poised to Meet Customer Requirements Striving to continually ride and stay abreast of trending technologies, the company’s current technology skill set includes the latest powerful technology React Native with backend MeteorJS to build native mobile applications. With this technology, the team has developed a broad range of promising B2C as well as enterprise level apps such as BCI app (Better Cotton Initiative, Geneva), AssureID App (a massive national level initiative for professional background verification), Pamtap (a large scale daily subscription vendor-customer relationship app), Rotarian’s Referral Network (RRN) and so on.

With an inventory of offerings scheduled for release in the near future, iAssureIT envisages establishing a fully equipped research wing – iAssure Research Lab by the end of this year. This lab will be a subsidiary of iAssureIT. Dedicated towards etching the company name as one of the leaders in the world of technology innovation, the iAssure Research Lab would primarily focus on the extensive research of some of the most dreaded problems that India and the whole world is currently encountering, such as the farmers’ distress, ever increasing pollution levels and gloomy situation in the jobless market. All the aforementioned challenges are in dire need of help that can be eliminated step by step with the help of technology. Fully aware that it demands comprehensive research in these areas to make sure that an appropriate technical solution is developed for addressal of such issues, the research lab is being designed with the sole aim to contribute towards this radical change and emerge victorious.