Pentechs: Delivering World-Class Applications Mobilizing Businesses

CIO Vendor Business-to-Business mobile application market is gaining momentum. Brand awareness, customer engagement and increasing sales are few of the significant reasons why companies are opting for mobile application. However, not every application gets successfully accepted by the target customer owing to multiple factors like irrelevant architectural design, complex user interface, and poor execution. Mobile application development partner plays a crucial role in meeting customer’s expectation and for delivering business objectives of brand recognition and customer engagement. Pentechs, a mobile application development company has been publishing applications primarily for Business-to-Business and Business to- Customer sector.

Uniquely positioned in the competitive segment of business application development, the company possesses the know-how to stay ahead by delivering the world-class application to fulfill business needs of customers. Talking about it, Anish Ranjan De, Co-Founder of the company says, “We have the right kind of resources and skills to deliver on a client’s needs and expectations. Our team coordinates with clients with a consultative approach, i.e. we not only deliver solutions as per their specification but we offer better suggestions wherever necessary, for a successful business application.” The company is consistently upgrading mobile application technology platform to diversify the tools and frameworks for application development. Pentechs started its journey in mobile application segment with Android and iOS and, subsequently adopted tools like Titanium and Xamarin to enable cross-platform application development.

“Our team co-ordinates with clients with a consultative approach, i.e. we not only deliver solutions as per their specification but we offer better suggestions wherever necessary, for a successful business application”

Pentechs has successfully delivered a large and complex application for segments like e-commerce solutions and business process automation for big organizations. Architectural design plays a pivotal role in determining the success of any application, believes Anish. He adds, “We also try to find out what features coordinates in the device. We look at how to ensure the usage of minimal wealth and minimal data exchange in the application.” The forethought of the company behind assuring minimal data exchange is to circumvent application slowdown. The company ensures the application gets optimized and is loaded fast. Also, to address the connectivity problem at remote places the application is modeled to work even in offline mode. And, the data generated is transferred to the server, once the connectivity is regained.

Apart from platform design, application architecture and data modeling, another important aspect is the UI of the application. To deliver the easiest user interface in the application for the end user, the company charts out ‘user journey’ for different user groups before implementing theme, style or color in the application. The company has published multiple applications in a different segment for a varied user group. A global beverage company situated in Africa has its business application developed by Pentechs. It has deployed its application for one of the largest apparel manufacturer in India and Business to senior citizen sector in the U.S. Along with application development, Pentechs offers its expertise in Business process automation projects.

Talking about the company’s pipeline project, Anish says, “Over the past one year or so we have been working very hard on creating a host of enterprise products of our own.” The company envisions entering ‘product domain’ and aims at launching products for business process automation, document collaboration and contract management system.