Revolux Solutions: Revolutionizing Start-Up and Enterprise IT with High Performance Innovative Mobile Apps

CIO Vendor The demand for mobile applications has been exploding across India at an unprecedented rate as mobile technologies have become an innate part of every enterprise. Among the various factors contributing to this growth is the increased rate of internet penetration and the subsequent proliferation of smart phones in the country. However, despite a number of factors supporting the rise of these applications across IT environments, enterprises within the country still encounter a number of challenges when it comes to effectively building mobile app frameworks. Be it the many operational complexities that accompany enterprise IT ecosystems, security concerns, costs and skills gaps, or creating portability to run the application across multiple platforms, organizations struggle with building mobile apps with superior experience to meet the ever-growing demands of today’s customers. Understanding these different challenges, Mumbai headquartered Revolux Solutions Pvt. Ltd. steps forward to address them with mobile application development services, designed to meet the business-specific needs of customers.

Turning Customer Ideas into Successful Project Deliveries
Since its inception in 2016, Revolux Solutions, a software, mobile and web apps development company has been focused on bringing next-generation solutions to revolutionize the IT industry. With a team of experienced and motivated industry specialists, Revolux endeavors to meet its customers’ specific needs and add more value to them with enhanced products and services that combine technology and innovation. While today’s software service firms promise high and fall short in their deliveries with results that fail to align with the end desired objective and scale, Revolux focuses extensively on turning the customer’s unique ideas into successful project deliveries with a distinctive approach instilled by the company’s leadership. Hailing from a background of building enterprise-grade software for over 28 years, Vikas Shetty, Founder and CEO- Revolux, has always trained his team to think about the right software design and architecture and customize it according to customers’ specific objectives, to ensure high-quality end products. “The Indian IT industry and its professionals have to go through a paradigm shift and imbibe the product development mindset as a part of their core DNA, to be able to provide high-quality software products along with development services, as both are co-related capabilities that require constant adaptation to changing demands,” explains Vikas. Revolux’s expansive portfolio of offerings includes Mobile Application and Web Application Development, Offshore Product Development, Project Management Services, SEO, SEM, Digital Marketing Services, Blockchain and IoT Development, AI Bot capabilities, Best Practices and Innovation Management Consulting and eCommerce services.
Ensuring Highly Secure and Scalable Applications
When it comes to partnering with enterprises for Mobile Application Development, Revolux leverages the technical prowess of its team and strong product architecture principles to provide applications that are highly secure, scalable, and performance driven while covering the needs of its clients around application lifecycle, maintenance and deployments.

“We work closely with our clients to understand their strategic objectives, and look across all touch points to build mobile solutions that can enhance the overall experience”

Revolux also engages with new start-ups to build their MVP products and provides consulting to get their ideas converted into reality in the shortest time frame. “At Revolux, we work closely with our clients to understand their strategic objectives, and look across all touch points to build mobile solutions that can enhance the overall experience,” adds Vikas. Moreover, to enable clients with the most optimum results, the company assists them in the evaluation of ideas for market viability and also performs careful analysis before development to eliminate the possibilities of misconceptions and errors. The Revolux User Experience team also understands the importance of usercentric technology designs and therefore takes immense care to design the right kind of designs and layouts for the customer. Through conducting extensive research to first understand the user and the problem to be addressed, Revolux’s UI/UX designers conceptualize the solution with apt designs and architecture to ensure optimum user traffic for the app. The company’s solutions are also designed with enough scalability to be deployed across on-premise environments or Cloud services with the ability to scale horizontally and vertically to retain high performance experience for the app users.

Future Engagements
Despite a recent beginning, Revolux has already gained adequate industry expertise through its various engagements for mobile app development. On the product front, the company has just developed its mobile app-based hyper-local retail platform to enable small unorganized retail businesses with online selling capabilities. The company is also set to develop product platform solutions in the B2B and Smart Mobile IoT segments in the upcoming future.