BenoSoftware: Building Customer Facing Mobile Apps

CIO Vendor Be it a startup or a large enterprise, today all organizations are looking to have fast, secure, and user friendly mobile apps. Since the User Experience Design plays a prominent role in development of a successful mobile app, developers should create an amazing UX that involves design thinking principles and establishing an extensive understanding of the expectations of the target users. Therefore, to provide, fast, secure and user friendly mobile app, every Mobile Application development company should be able to adapt to the latest technologies.

This is where Noida based BenoSoftware, one of the top mobile app development companies with years of experience in developing customer facing mobile apps for enterprises from all domains and the capability to adapt to the latest mobile app development technologies comes into the picture. The company spends a lot of time on training and learning new technology trends and tools that aids them in meeting the current needs of its clients. With multiple design iterations, feedback from multiple stakeholders, focus groups and internal QA team, BenoSoftware has always been able to deliver great designs and user experience to its clients. What makes the company stand out from the crowd are the daily scrum meetings, sprint planning and agile practices followed by the company.

"We have executed and delivered smart mobile applications for native and hybrid platforms for clients from different industries such as sports, entertainment, home automation and retail," says Pavan Pratap Singh, CEO, BenoSoftware. "We have developed quite a few complex and interesting mobile apps for startups as well as large enterprises," he adds.

Robust Frameworks
With shifting priorities between resolving defects and implementing new features, managing processes around Mobile Application Development has
become hectic. BenoSoftware addresses these challenges through its robust frameworks. The company follows agile development practices and almost always builds reusable components, which helps the team to easily maintain and update applications. Moreover, the company is part of the CMMI 3 certification program conducted by KPMG India, which facilitates BenoSoftware in creating well defined processes for bug fixing, application maintenance and enhancing new features.

We have executed and delivered smart mobile applications for native and hybrid platforms for clients from different industries such as sports, entertainment, home automation and retail

Well Screened and Experienced IT Resources
In the world of changing technology needs, it has become difficult to set up an inhouse development team for any specific technology. Every large and small organization is trying to utilize the latest technologies and tools for development, hosting, testing and maintenance. BenoSoftware has been providing IT resources on contract to many of the large organizations. The company's inhouse development team works closely with the HR department and provides well screened and experienced IT resources to the clients. The company prefers and chooses candidates who are quick learners, actively involved in community contribution, blogging and hackathons.

BenoSoftware's technology consulting services aid companies in defining the right technologies for specific type of products, making scalable and secure architecture, defining product development road map, managing and optimizing cloud based infrastructures. Moving ahead, the company is focusing on developing IoT based mobile applications and is in the process of setting up the IoT lab for the development process.