Dot Com Infoway: Delivering 360 Degree Mobile Application Services

CIO Vendor Mobile apps have come a long way since their introduction in 2008. Statista claims that mobile apps will generate an estimated USD 188.9 billion in 2020. Mobile app development is going ahead at full steam as they have begun to address many long prevailing concerns that have been helpful in improving different aspects of our lives. However, there are a large number of well developed, innovative and ground breaking apps that have failed to reach their target market due to lack of proper marketing and analysis. This is where professional mobile app consulting services come to the rescue of such companies and one such award winning mobile app marketing company is Chennai based Dot Com Infoway (DCI). Through its target audience analysis and market research, DCI ensures that the right steps are taken for the clients' apps to capture all the attention in the crowded world of app stores. The company provides 360 degree mobile and web solutions that turn ideas into world class products, thus helping business ventures to achieve the best results.

The six step process of DCI's Mobile App Consulting Service begins with enhancing the business ideas to build an optimal product followed by other essential steps such as Market Readiness & Maturity Assessment, Risk Mitigation & Cost Reduction, Competitive Analysis, App Marketing & Store Submission and ASO (App Store Optimization).

The success of any app depends on the number of user downloads and how well it is being used. That is what Dot Com Infoway focuses on. The company not only ensures that the clients' applications are ready to be marketed, but it also sees to it that the app reaches the right kind of audience. With an aim to increase user engagement and conversions, DCI ensures that the clients' apps pop up on the target audiences' devices.
"We serve clients in their preferred business operation hours through our client centric business model and round the clock services," says Venkatesh C.R, CEO, DotCom Infoway. Stressing on the importance of delivering quality products on time and within budget, DCI provides its services with Project Based model and Dedicated Team model. Moreover, through the implementation of fixed cost model and dedicated models, DotCom Infoway develops Customer and Enterprise apps using the iOS, Android, Windows, IoT and Blockchain platforms.

Risk Management, Seamless Workflow and DeadLine Driven Development
DCI follows a well architected software development methodology. Having its own development team enables the company to get a better perspective of the clients'expectations. Tailored to meet international standards and client expectations, DCI's methodology ensures proper risk management, seamless workflow and deadline driven development. This uniquely designed methodology facilitates the enhancement of the software performance and orchestrates the development processes in a highly productive way. The software development process of the company spans effective lifecycle models such as the waterfall and agile development models.

Delivering Outstanding UX
Dot Com Infoway follows unique UI Design methodology for application design and development that is in line with the company’s key User Centered Design (UCD)principles. Firstly, the business goals of the app being designed are defined by meticulously understanding the user requirements. Secondly, the competitiveness of the application is assessed so that the app can be designed to deliver outstanding user experience. Lastly, the developed app is evaluated based on the user feedback.

DotCom Infoway has offices in India, Australia and the USA and a world-wide client base. Moving forward, the company is planning to build and develop solutions using AI, ML and Blockchain technologies.