Fourbrick Technology: Building Innovative Mobile Applications by Integrating AI, Machine Learning and Blockchain

CIO Vendor India has become one of the fastest growing markets for smart phones and is swiftly moving towards digitalization due to the initiatives taken by the Government of India. However, Digital India can become a reality only when its citizens can access the services of the government on digital platforms. Understanding the requirements, Fourbrick Technology came forward with its evolving platform to offer citizens access to pan India e-Gov services ranging from Central to Local Government bodies and other citizen centric services on App, Web, SMS and IVR channels. Fourbrick Technology, a Noida based company provides cutting edge development services to its clients by using the agile development strategies to meet their various business requirements and increase the business productivity.

In Touch with the Latest Market Trends
"We are not confining our projects to the traditional technologies rather we are giving an innovative touch to our products by integrating latest technologies like Blockchain and IoT in the apps. In this competitive era, the developers should stay in touch with the current market trends which will help them in solving the problems and simplify the processes,"says Ashutosh Kumar, Founder. Artificial Intelligence which has redefined the concept of human machine interaction allows applications to drive revenue for many businesses. Hence, every company is eyeing to have the system integrated with AI. Fourbricks is working on incorporating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to create more intuitive and responsive mobile applications with personalized user experience in a secure way.

The company follows the industry proven application lifecycle
management approach to deliver lasting solutions with automated frameworks and provide end-to-end solutions that are inclusive of creative designing, swift and efficient planning. Fourbricks by combining industry knowledge with technology competence helps its clients with the strategy, design, development, testing, deployment and also maintenance of a service. The company gains indepth understanding of customers' requirements for designing an innovative product and accordingly delivers reliable and commercially viable solutions. The company provides services to various industries which include Automotive, Education, Finance, Healthcare, Telecom, Media & Entertainment, Retail & Wholesale and Travel & Hospitality across iOS and Android platforms.

We are not confining our projects to the traditional technologies rather we are giving an innovative touch to our products by integrating AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain and IoT

A Medical platform developed by Fourbrick Technology connects over 10 million users to over 100,000 top Doctors and pathology labs and enables users to ask questions about any health or fitness issues and get multiple answers from the best doctors across India. "Currently, we are working on various projects that involve emerging technologies like AR, VR, AI and Blockchain as they are here to bring disruptive changes in mobile app development. We believe in combining technology with finance sector and offer customized app solutions. Our main focus is to provide highend app solutions across iOS and Android platforms at competitive rates," concludes Ashutosh Kumar.