Trinity Mobile App: Automating Business Processes through Customized Mobile Applications

CIO Vendor According to Statista, 6,140 apps are released every single day and research suggests that the global mobile app revenue forecast for 2020 is a whopping 189 billion dollars. Although there are new trends that have been integrated into the mobile app development process, the very first step taken by developers to build a stunning mobile app is Solution Design. This is because it provides clarity to developers on what to buildand testers on what to test. Most importantly, it facilitates organizations to estimate the cost, timeline and resource required for the projects and acts as a baseline for change control. Therefore, organizations are looking for Mobile app developers who would help them in achieving these.

Perfectly understanding these requirements, Ghaziabad based Trinity Mobile App Lab,through its strong Solution Design methodology, builds Customized Mobile Applications that help businesses in cost and resource estimation and automation of their processes as well.

"We design easy solutions for complex requirements through structured brainstorming sessions carried out by our team," affirms Ayush Agarwal, Founder, Trinity Mobile App Lab.

Developing Dynamic Solutions
Taking into consideration the several factors such as the functional and nonfunctional requirements, budget and time constraints, ease of maintenance and scalability, the company's solution design team puts forward the best build options for its clients. With a focus on serving its corporate clients, Trinity is immersed in developing dynamic solutions that can be implemented on the fly. Since the requirements of these customers keep changing on a time to time basis, the team creates form contents that can be changed dynamically without any app modification. Therefore, Trinity, through its dynamic apps, controls the maximum number of
application tabs, icons and contents from the server side, with less amount of time.

Data Transfer through Secure Channels
BPA has become one of the essential factors in order to keep businesses running smoothly.Trinity Mobile Apps, through its Mobile Application development enables organizations to automate their business processes quickly and easily. Once the user enters data through the mobile applications, it automatically moves to the next level for approval according to the organizations'business logics. Moreover, this process doesn't involve manual intervention and data is transferred on realtime basis through secure channels. Trinity's development team focuses on developing secure mobile application by using data encryption tools and algorithms, data validation and other security measures such as data tampering, two factor authentication etc. The company's solutions are also equipped with advanced geofencing/ monitoring feature.

We design easy solutions for complex requirements through structured brainstorming sessions carried out by our team

Capturing User's Actions
Trinity implements Google Analytics and Fabric to capture user's actions and experience that facilitates figuring out of the issues faced by users in finding a particular task, their actions, the key features, the application stability to analyze the user's navigation and time taken for various task completions.Trinity has already deployed solutions for Survey, Training, Field force management, and Process automation. It has worked on providing solutions for various projects such as API Integration services for payment gateways, telecom network companies, Call Management etc. The company is in the process of building Tower Management system, Energy Billing, Cab Management system apps for its clients.